A Living Room Addition

A living room addition can be the answer to a number of lifestyle issues as well as space issues for families and add to the value of your home at resale. Your home may have a living room that does not meet the needs of your family or it may have no living room at all. Many new homes are designed with a great room only. While these designs are wonderful for a casual lifestyle, they may not work for you if you need for a more formal entertaining area. Many homes built in the 1940s through 1960s were designed with huge living rooms. They were intended to be the room in which the family lived – multi-functional space for relaxing, watching television, reading, listening to music and entertaining. Certainly many people add living rooms to be family living spaces, but a majority of people also add living rooms in order to create more formal settings for entertaining or escape from the television and the noise of children playing.

There are some words in the English language that are helpful in thinking about the function of a living room. A room in which guests are greeted and entertained might be referred to as a parlor. A cozy retreat might be a withdrawing room (or drawing room). A multi-functional space might be a living room. The first decision you must make in designing the new space will be the function of the room. This will help you determine the appropriate size of the space.

The second group of questions concern decisions about how the space will be created.

* Will you remodel part of your home to create your new living room?

* Will you add the room to the existing house?

* Will you divide a large existing room to create two separate spaces?

* How much space do you need in your new room? Will it be the primary family living space?
Will it be a small formal room for entertaining? Will it be a relatively small but comfortable place to escape and relax? What does your lifestyle require of the space? Formal living rooms built today tend to be much smaller than those designed fifty years ago.

If your needs dictate an addition to your home, there are many considerations before you begin to demolish walls. The list below will get you started, but a successful remodel requires organization. To help make your project a success, consider getting The Complete Remodeling Workbook and Organizer, click here for more information.

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